Motivation Driving School offers professional driving lessons for beginners and experienced drivers.  Our instructors will teach you the basics, advanced driving techniques, defensive driving, and inside information on how to pass the Road Test.  We cater to all populations, including, but not limited to teenagers, senior citizens, and nervous drivers.

We are now offering free evaluations.

We are now offering free evaluations.

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347-810-5465; 347-353-5266

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  1. Motivation driving school is the best school in my opinion. Nothing but Nice , respectful and caring people that actually want to see you pass. My driving teacher ALEN was very educated and knew what he was teaching . Every lesson i learned something new. He took the fear of being behind the wheel alway. He makes a relationship with you to make you more comfortable. I appreciate everyone for everything i learn. I give this school a 100% and my driving teach alen i give you 1,000,000% good guy/ driving instructor.

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