Motivation Driving School offers professional driving lessons for beginners and experienced drivers.  Our instructors will teach you the basics, advanced driving techniques, defensive driving, and inside information on how to pass the Road Test.  We cater to all populations, including, but not limited to teenagers, senior citizens, and nervous drivers.

We are now offering free evaluations.

We are now offering free evaluations.

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  1. Motivation driving school is the best school in my opinion. Nothing but Nice , respectful and caring people that actually want to see you pass. My driving teacher ALEN was very educated and knew what he was teaching . Every lesson i learned something new. He took the fear of being behind the wheel alway. He makes a relationship with you to make you more comfortable. I appreciate everyone for everything i learn. I give this school a 100% and my driving teach alen i give you 1,000,000% good guy/ driving instructor.

  2. This driving school does an amazing job. Everyone is very nice, caring, and respectful. These instructors actually want to see you pass. The driving instructor who I had was Alan. He is amazing, very patient, makes his drivers feel comfortable behind the wheel. Every lesson I had with him, I learned something different. And towards the end of every lesson he was concerned on the questions i had. Not only does he have a good relationship with each of his students he has confidence in us as well. This also proved to me that it is good to be confident behind the wheel, not to be nervous or scared. This school is amazing, I took the road test today and passed. This driving school is the best decision I have made. I recommend everyone to go to this school, you will not regret it. I promise you, my rate is 100%, and Alan thank you for everything, everything you taught me has paid off. 100,000,000%!

  3. Im pregnant, was very nervouse!!!Took my road test today and passed!!! I had ALAN as my instructor and he is great, patient and straight forward, he knows how to teach and what to teach, points out all you need to know and what to work on. He also makes you feel comfortable and have that connection while driving. I recommend this school 100% everyone is nice and if you need a specific instructor go for ALAN hes the best!!!! 😊

  4. My Instructor Alan was very motivating and respectful, he gave a lot of feedback which helped me fix my mistakes. He’s very straight forward so you know what your doing. He’s given me great tips on how to improve my driving which is why I passed my drivers test.

  5. My instructor was Alan, he’s great guy and very respectful. Gives great tips and tricks on driving and parking and points out on the any issue and the solutions. I recommend his if you ever need a driver instructor.
    Thanks for the lessons!

  6. I took total 20 classes with Alan from the Motivation Driving School. He knows extremely well what he is doing! He is very patient and points out your mistake in a soothing way. Thus the student never gets tensed and learns things fast. I will strongly recommend Alan for anyone who wants to learn driving.

  7. As of TODAY 9/5/17 I passes my Road Test in New Rochelle Thanks and GOD bless Alla I got through gave me tips on the location. I reccomend every new and currently driver to make a stop to this school. Everything is Nice. I tried at other schools but Motivation is the way to GO !

  8. Had such an amazing experience chuck was my instructor I would totally recommend this school will and Yolanda was very nice and helpful today I pass my road test so happy I choose this driving school thanks a lot

  9. I want to sign up for 5 lessons, am I able to rent the car for the road test? I already have my 5 hour, so I don’t need that.

  10. This came highly recommended from a family friend and I don’t regret it. I was extremely nervous when I started but not I have my license and I have no problem driving.

  11. I highly recommend this place, my original instructor was Chuck, and then I tried to learn from two other instructors but chuck was the best one out of the three. Make sure you especify what you want to work on the most, if it’s parking, 3-point turn or if it’s your turns and he will invest more time perfecting that. He was super calm and corrects you if you make a mistake most importantly HE DOES NOT REACH FOR THE WHEEL when you drive like the other instructors I had. The lessons were affordable, and the 6 train is about three blocks away if any one is traveling by public transportation. Just bring your “A” game, pay attention to what he says and review the packet he gives you it will help a lot.

  12. Never driven in my entire life but I became a pro when I start with this school. Everyone was very polite and kind. My instructor made me feel confident and I was a nervous wreck on the beginning. Everything I was taught, I was able to carry out on the day of my road test: 3 points turn, parallel parking, left turn and right turn, etc. I past my road test on the first try.

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